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Parking space number: P100
Minimum booking duration: 1 day
Aero car park doo is a company whose main activity is renting its own and rented real estate, and in the narrowest sense renting a parking space in Belgrade, on the territory of the Municipality of Surcin. As the parking space is only a three-minute drive to the main terminal of Nikola Tesla Airport, it is an ideal location for safe parking of private and business vehicles when traveling from the airport of Serbia. Aero car park service parking is available to all clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, where passengers who fly from Nikola Tesla Airport, professional staff of Aero car park, will be welcomed in the parking lot, transfer luggage to our vehicle, and transfer them to the airport's main terminal within minutes. The whole procedure from the moment of arrival of the client to the Aero car park - parking space, until the check-in at the terminals of Nikola Tesla Airport takes a total of ten to fifteen minutes. During the journey of each of our clients, the vehicle will provide professional security 24 hours a day in the enclosed parking space. Also, all vehicles of the clients are provided with video surveillance, which each of the clients will be able to follow in real time through a visit to our parking lot. time at any time. When returning from the trip, our staff will wait for passengers at the main terminal of Nikola Tesla Airport and escort to the client's securely stored car. Also, all our customers are provided with a car wash. If the vehicle stays in the parking lot for six days or more, it will be washed outside for free. In accordance with the wishes of the client, we can provide a complete service of washing and cleaning of vehicles, at more than the correct price. The parking fee is calculated by the day started, according to a pre-determined price list (attached). Of course, we meet our customers in this regard, where it is not considered if the next day of parking lasts for up to 3 hours compared to the started time of parking when arriving at the parking.That started day is not calculated and does not enter the price . What Aero car park doo wants to emphasize is that all the above services are included in the price of parking (transfer of passengers from the parking lot to the airport and back, washing the vehicle outside for a parked vehicle for six days or more, possibly delaying the arrival / departure time from the parking lot or cancellation of the reservation) and there is no room for any reimbursement of the costs of "accommodation" of our clients' vehicles. All our parking guests are provided with a relaxing break after the trip, where with some refreshing drinks and WI-FI internet connectivity, our clients can relax and take a break before continuing their journey with their car.

Working hours: Monday (00:00 - 24:00), Tuesday (00:00 - 24:00), Wednesday (00:00 - 24:00), Thursday (00:00 - 24:00), Friday (00:00 - 24:00), Saturday (00:00 - 24:00), Sunday (00:00 - 24:00)

Pricing: 60.00 RSD / hour, 720.00 RSD / day, 3,840.00 RSD / week, 12,000.00 RSD / month

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